Landscape of My Mind

Lauren Hensens

B.F.A. University of North Texas (Painting) 2014



Ansel Adams, Storm, Point Sur, Monterey Coast CA, 1942

“It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.” ― Ansel Adams

Gustav Klimt, born today in 1862, is primarily known for his paintings of figures, but he also painted landscapes throughout his career. 
[Gustav Klimt. The Park. 1910 or earlier.]

"Green roofs like this one is what we were learning about in college today. Beautiful, sustainable, wholesome designs like these are what inspire me to become an architect, not the soulless concrete boxes we’re all so used to now. This is the kind of future I want to design. This is the kind of future I want to live in."

This week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast features Katharina Grosse. The Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas just opened "Wunderblock," an indoor/outdoor exhibition of new Grosses. It’s on view through September 1.
This is an installation view of an untitled work that Grosse made for the show. On this week’s MAN Podcast, Grosse and host Tyler Green discuss why she encourages people to walk in and through her painting installations.
Grosse is known for her intensely colorful, usually spray-painted installations that often begin on walls but that typically extend into a room, the surrounding space(s) and who knows where else. She’s exhibited at numerous museums all over the world, including most recently the Museum for New Art, Freiburg im Breisgau, MassMoCA, Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin, the Neues Museum, Nürnberg, and the Arken Museum for Modern Art, Copenhagen. There’s an astonishing amount of her work on Flickr and almost everything she’s ever made is on her own website.
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Helen Frankenthaler, 1956, by Gordon Parks for LIFE magazine.

Self portrait and earth work by Ana Mendieta.
"I have been carrying on a dialogue between the landscape and the female body (based on my own silhouette)… I am overwhelmed by the feeling of having been cast from the womb (nature). Through my earth/body sculptures I become one with the earth… I become an extension of nature and nature becomes an extension of my body…" -Ana Mendieta

Felix Odell
The Mist, 2009
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